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zaganu imperial russian stout

Russian Imperial Stout is an old and interesting beer. It was first brewed in the UK by English brew-masters to be exported for the Russian Imperial court. The legends say that the well-traveled Peter the Great may have been the first to insist on the import of British beers to Czarist Russia. The Stout beer-style was also favored by the Russian Imperial Court of the era and, legend has it, was the preferred beer of that immutable rogue, Rasputin. The strong, dark and complex character of the brews fit perfectly with the excessive demands of the contemporary nobility and court.

Zăganu Imperial Russian Stout is a 10.5% ABV stout, a dark and bitter beer with 10.5% ABV, with intense and complex aromas of dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee and a hint of caramel-nutty flavor. It is brewed with 6 different special malts, 2 types of hops and fermented for a minimum period of 45 days.

zaganu imperial ipa

Zaganu's 5-year anniversary beer, called 500 Imperial IPA.

In the 1970s, in our village, Maneciu-Ungureni, Henri Coanda (the inventor of the jet engine) built and tested a suspended high-speed train that ran 500 km/h and was designed to travel the distance from Ploiesti to Bucharest (60km) in 8 minutes. His visionary experiment was a success, but it was cancelled by the authorities for lack of funds at the time.

Today however, Coanda’s technology is being tested again and will be soon used. For Zaganu's 5th anniversary, we created a beer in his honor: an Imperial IPA called 500. A beer with 10% alcohol, with a strong malt back-bone, very hoppy and aromatic.

zaganu blonda

Craft Pilsner (Pale Lager)
An filtered unpasteurized lager, naturally fermented for minimum 21 days, brewed with 3 types of premium hops, 3 types of special malts and low fermenting yeast.

zaganu bruna

Craft dark beer- Schwarzbier style – is a strong, unpasteurized dark beer, naturally fermented for 30 days, brewed with 3 types of hops and 3 types of specialty dark malts, to complete a rich, smooth taste, with toffee and chocolates notes.

zaganu ipa

American style IPA, light amber color, unpasteurized and naturally fermented for 23 days and then reasonably “dry-hopped”.
Our IPA has a strong bitter taste, then a long, smooth aftertaste with citrusy and tropical notes. Carefully brewed 3 types of malt, 3 types of American hops (Cascade, Chinook and Citra) and an American Ale yeast strain.

zaganu rosie

Belgian – Red Ale, unpasteurized, naturally fermented for 23 days. It develops a round, full-bodied taste with strong floral, spicy and fruity notes. Carefully brewed with 3 different specialty malts, 3 different hops and a special high fermentation Belgian yeast strain.

adonis pale ale

We brewed this limited edition beer to celebrate the return of the bearded eagle (zaganu named Adonis) in Romania after extinction more than 80 years ago. Its an American style Pale Ale,, unpasteurized and naturally fermented for 25 days and then reasonably “dry-hopped” with European (Mandarina Bavaria) and an American (Citra) hops.
Our Pale Ale has a moderate bitterness, then a long, citrusy after-taste with some tangerine and tropical notes.
We brew it periodically with 3 types of malt, 2 types of hops and an American Ale yeast strain.
S.C. FABRICA DE BERE BUNA S.R.L. str. Intr. Dr. Felix nr. 2, bl. M4, sc. A, et. 8, ap. 68, sector 1 J40/2096/2013 RO31252415

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