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Regulamentul 679/2016 privind protectia datelor ( denumit in continuare "GDPR") este un Regulament al Uniunii Europene, iar incepand cu data de 25 mai 2018, se aplica tuturor societatilor/organizatiilor care colecteaza si proceseaza datele cu caracter personal ale cetatenilor Uniunii Europene.

Ca o afacere responsabila si orientata spre viitor, FABRICA DE BERE BUNA S.R.L., recunoaste la niveluri inalte necesitatea de a se conforma GDPR si de a se asigura ca sunt luate masuri eficiente pentru a proteja datele personale ale clientilor nostri, utilizatorilor site-ului web si datele personale ale altor subiecti de date cu caracter personal transferate de clientii nostri, precum si datele personale ale altor parti interesate.

Pentru a continua efectuarea comenzii trebuie sa cititi si sa fiti de acord atat cu Termenii si Conditiile utilizarii website-ului cat si cu Confidentialitatea si Politica de Protectie a Datelor
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FABRICA DE BERE BUNA - we are the pioneers of craft brewing in Romania and this is our bar, a place where you will find 100% local craft beers, produced in independent breweries. We have started our beer story in 2013, when we bought and restored an old beer factory located 100 km north of Bucharest, in Maneciu Ungureni, Prahova County. Our beer is called Zaganu, after the Zaganu Mountain peek located close to our brewery, but also in honor of the Bearded Eagle (also called Zaganu in Romanian) who used to live in the area, but was hunted to extinction more than 80 years ago (although the legend says that former communist dictator - Ceausescu - shot the last one in his frequent hunting trips in the area).

In the 4 years since we started brewing in Maneciu Ungureni, we launched 5 beers: a Pilsner (Blonda), a Schwarzbier (Bruna), an IPA, a Red Ale and Adonis, a limited edition Pale Ale (that we relaunch from time to time, whenever the right occasion rises).

Our aim as brewers and as the owners of this bar, is to revive the craft brewing sector in Romania, a sector that slowly disappeared right after 1990, when the local breweries were either shut down or bought by big corporations.

We are proud to say that there are over 15 independent craft breweries presently in Romania and you can find great beers from most of them in our bar.

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S.C. FABRICA DE BERE BUNA S.R.L. str. Intr. Dr. Felix nr. 2, bl. M4, sc. A, et. 8, ap. 68, sector 1 J40/2096/2013 RO31252415

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